Saturday, 25 August 2012

...these are a few of my favourite things.- yard, garden and wild blueberries

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I just got a new camera, so I walked around the yard one morning this week, before work, and took some pictures.  I won't have much to say about the following pics, but I just wanted to share.  I will be practicing my photography, a lot, and you shall be my guinea pigs!

Okay, this one was taken a week or so ago, during prime blueberry picking season.  I left work an hour early and headed out to the patch, this was my evenings harvest, approximately 3 3/4 ice cream pails.  It was truly a great day in the blueberry patch!

Steps to the front deck. 

I truly love this old wagon, it was on the property when we moved here, it was used at the old mill that used to be here on site.  One day we will get a heavy snowfall and it will become a heap on the lawn.  That will be a very sad day for me.  I am hoping that we will rebuild it some day, but unless I get down to drawing some serious plans, it will never happen.

Back deck, aren't the geraniums gorgeous! 

Johnny set up this little vignette, he was cleaning up the yard and couldn't bear to throw out the kids old tonka trucks, thank goodness!  They built many towns with these important pieces of equipment.

This little house started out as a dog house that Johnny built out of mill ends from the Hudson mill.  Since we had a German Shepherd it was quickly obsolete.  At one point we kept chicks in it in the spring when they needed good shelter at night.  Eventually he moved it to the flower garden and added the little boy to the front step. The little guy came from Gramma Bell's yard, so some of you Bell cousins may recognize him.

I loved these rubber boots and couldn't bear to throw them out when they became cracked and were no longer useful on a rainy day.  I held on to them for a couple of years and finally cut them down and planted chick and hen in them.

This is another piece that came from Gramma Bell's yard.  It used to be a fountain, but we filled it with dirt for a flower garden.  It is getting old and worn, but we still like it.

There's my girl, Zima!  

I love this big old enamel pot!  In case you didn't notice, I also love geraniums!  My kids hate the smell of them, but I am not good at watering plants, and they put up with me.  I keep them over the winter and haul them out again in the spring.

We call this the "tractor shed" as this is where the lawn tractor is stored.  It is just a chipboard shed that I painted years ago to match the brick on the house.  It is in pretty bad shaped right now, but I still thought it was worthy to be included in my favourite things.  Many people (including me, which is just plain silly) have grabbed that door handle and tried to open the door.  The kids used to tell people to "go ahead and open the door", they loved to see the confusion when the door didn't open, as it is just painted on.

There is just something I like about this one, simple, but I still like it.

Gotta love waking up to this every morning.

Truly one of my favourite things!  This was broken most of the summer, but Sterling just fixed it so I plan to take a ride the next warm, calm, day.  I love this thing!


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