Friday, 21 September 2012

Log Cabin In The Woods (MacGIRLver style)

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These early pics go back to at least last year, maybe the fall before that! Manuel built a wood shed at camp, so you know what that means, what am I going to paint on it? ha ha.  Gotta get the base coat on.

Next, step 2, wipe on the next layer using a sea sponge.

Next, start separating it into logs, and add some depth with a little shading.

Move on to the next wall.


Add some highlights, and some knots and cracks...

Almost done, I still need to paint the door and paint the log ends.  I wonder if that will get done this year, or will I extend this project until next summer?  Time will tell, after all, it's probably 98% done, and that's where I stall :)

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  1. Faye, you are amazing!

  2. Holy Moley! You did such a realistic paint job! I'd have to touch it to know it wasn't a log house. Awesome.


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