Saturday, 15 September 2012

Around the yard; These are a few of my favourite things Part II; antique farm equipment, murals, glass garden totem

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Heading up the road.

I will have to get the correct names from Johnny, but I believe this is a plow.

Hay rake

Not sure what this one is called, it looks like another kind of plow to me.


Corn in the "upstairs" garden

Hay shed that I painted years ago, it needs a touch up.

The "red shed".  I guess I thought we needed a cow. :)

Chestnut hates the paparazzi, right Cole?  She didn't realize I had a camera in my hands, I will try again later now that I have a zoom lens.

My companion Zima.

 At first I assumed that I had planted two different plants in the same pot, but then I noticed that one of the flowers was half variegated and half plain, so I took a closer look, and all these flowers come from the same plant.

Isn't it pretty?

Oops!  Almost forgot this one, garden totem.

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  1. You are responsible for my love of quilting...and geraniums! Cath

  2. I don't mind taking responsibility for that :)

  3. So beautiful. I'm glad you posted your barn pics. Sarah S.


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