Wednesday, 15 January 2020

I Made a Sectional Sofa for Approximately $200.00

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Wow! I can't believe how long it's been since I posted, you've probably all given up on me by now, but I think this project is definitely worth blogging about.
  I was looking for a small sectional for our little park model and couldn't find anything that worked. Everything in the stores is so big! I thought about maybe building one myself. Now I don't have my full accompaniment of tools down here so I am somewhat limited, although I could always go to the Wood shop here in the park. One day a lady put an ad out that she had a free, yes I said free queen sized memory foam mattress to give away. Lucky for me I was the first person to respond and it was all mine. So this is how it all began. 
Not only do we not have tools down here, but we also don't have a truck. The speed limit here in the park is 10 miles per hour so the guys didn't even bother to tie it down.

After thinking it over for a couple of days I got the butcher knife out and started slicing.  There were so many decisions to make along the way.

Since I had to bring all the wood home in the car, I figured out my cuts ahead of time and had Home Depot make as many of the cuts for me as I could. 
I built the bottom support and then went shopping for the fabric. Luckily there were a lot of sales due to black Friday.

I guess I forgot to take pictures of this part, I upholstered the seats using the old mattress cover and the new fabric. The picture below shows the set up for upholstering the back of the couch. I had to wait a week or two for the foam to be delivered, but I still had a lot of thinking to do so that was ok.

This is what it looked like after the back was attached. 

This is after I put the seat back on.

Here is the arm in progress, foam in place and batting stitched and stapled to hold it all together.

Ta da! We have arms! Oh the magic of the internet, it all looks so quick and easy!

Testing out the fit of the bed pillows.

Now to start the "over the top" part, stained glass! These parts are all built individually and will be pieced together later.

Here they are, after much deliberating and switching around, now how am I going to get that home? Luckily Johnny showed up right then and he carefully carried the board to the car and I slowly drove home, again that 10 miles per hour worked in my favour.

A little test fit.

Here it is, glued, temporarily tacked, and painted.

The foam was free, and so were the two mattress covers I used for most of the batting. The two little cushions were here when we bought the place. The upholstery fabric was on sale for $10/yard and was 100" wide, so I only needed 5 yards. The fabric for the pillows was part of a yard sale bundle that I paid $10 dollars for, so maybe that was $5.00. I purchased 4 pillows for $10 each. I paid $37.00 the first time I went to the lumber yard, and I needed another sheet of chipboard and some staples so I think it was around $25.00. I bought 3 sheets of white glass and used 2 1/2 so that was around $30.00, it cost something for the coloured glass although it was all leftover from other projects and of course the foil and solder weren't free so I'm just going to guess $10.00 for those. That totals $197.00.
It's comfy and I'm happy!

 Oh, and in case you are wondering, Johnny did not help me! I've been asked before if he helps me with my projects and pretty much "no". I did get help from the guy at Home Depot, but if I had the tools and a truck I wouldn't have needed him, but I'm glad they are willing to do that, it is a great service.

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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Bold and Beautiful Antique Chair Makeover

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Sometimes it takes some imagination and a lot of faith to see the beauty in a piece of furniture.

I remember this chair (and sofa) when it was in better condition, but it still took some vision to believe it could be beautiful again, or should I say to believe that I could make it beautiful again.

 I reupholstered the matching sofa several years ago, but it was such a big job that I put off reupholstering this piece. I guess I had to forget just how much work it was. It took many hours to get it looking like this! So many staples!!!

I sanded and painted the wood.

A work in progress.

Wow it felt good to get to this point..

I had to wait until I could get to the city to buy the braid to finish it off.

I love, love, love this chair and can't wait to have it placed in our 3 season room with the sofa.

 Look at how the detail of the wood carving stands out now. 

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Sunday, 6 May 2018

This Dresser is Distressed Over Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint!

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This project came out even better than I anticipated. A client asked me to paint this dresser that was her Mother's. How great that she wanted it updated to be used in her house rather than discarded. 
I'm not sure how it is that I could forget to take a before picture. It was a dark stain, and the wood is in great shape but nothing special. The finish was good on most of it but had problem spots.

I painted it with Annie Sloan's Old White and did some distressing. I sent the customer a picture and she said to distress it more. I'm so glad she did because although I thought it was going to be overdone, I love it like this!

When I varnished it it really came to life!

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Sunday, 22 April 2018

I've Been Waiting All Winter to Make This Bench

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Last year was a fairly busy year, plus I was injured, these two things kept me from creating some of the projects I have waiting for me. 
I've had this dresser for a few years and have moved it a couple of times. I've had this project in mind for some time now. I'll admit I saw this idea online, and now that I've finished this one I look forward to making another.

It started with this dresser.

I knocked apart what I no longer needed,

and added support for the seat, and the back and added some trim.

After sanding and paint (Annie Sloan, Provence).

I just went outside to go over to my shop and take a picture of the final product and this little guy was standing in the driveway looking at me.

 Then on to varnish, stain (Minwax, Ebony), varnish. I cut the top down to size to use for the seat, added a nice foam seat cushion, and here it is! Please excuse the background, I don't have the space or the muscles for nice staging.

So much fun!

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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Past Stained Glass and Mosaics

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Looking back over my blog I realize that I didn't post most of my stained glass and mosaic projects. Here are some of my past projects.
It's always scary to cover your projects with black grout.

 It's always worth it in the end.
I made this one for Jordy, in Chinese culture girl/boy twins are called Phoenix and Dragon. I made this stepping stone for my little dragon.

I made this stepping stone for my sweet Mom. She loves colour.

Johnny wanted an Arizona flag.

I made this stepping stone for my little Phoenix, Mila.

This is the beginning of my first glass on glass project.

Here it is finished, but before framing. I really love this one. It's hard for me to pick favourites, but this on is right up there.

Then, there's my bowling ball, can you guess what's under that gray grout?

I bet you weren't expecting a vine of roses.

 This was my big project last year, I've seen this hanging in the stained glass store since I started and I finally tackled it. I am so proud of this one.

This was one of my first projects.

 I made a cross for my Mom the first year (oops, no picture), then I made this one for me out of scrap glass.

I asked my son if I could make him something out of stained glass. He wanted a deer, but not just any deer, he wanted his own deer. He had to tell me the difference because they all look the same to me. Apparently each set of antlers is unique. I found a picture on the internet and switched out the antlers for his antlers, then  added mountains and a meadow because he lives in BC. He tells me this is his favourite piece I've done, that makes me happy. I think I eventually patinaed this black, and I definitely framed it.

So there you have most of my glass projects,I hope you enjoyed them, Oops I almost forgot, I have done 5 of these. This is a family emblem.

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