Friday, 19 February 2021

Reclaimed Wood Laundry Table

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I was commissioned to make a table for a laundry room. The request was for reclaimed wood. She wanted spindle legs, the best I could do was half spindle as I only had short ones. I made these spindle legs in Mesa a few years ago it was quite fun turning them.  I make two together and then chop through them.

4 legs

Wood from an old shed.

Look how the kerf marks show with just a little sanding.

All had to be hand sanded as machine sanding creates so much dust and I’m working in the basement. If it wasn’t so cold out I would have hauled it out the back door.

Gotta love a Kreg jig!

Top half complete!

Wave my magic wand...bottom half done!

I painted the spindle legs to look old and rough.
What do you think?
 I wish I had room for it in my laundry room!


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Thursday, 18 February 2021

A Pair of Bedside Tables

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I wanted to make some bedside tables for a friend. I went out to the shed to find some 1 X 4's, got them cut up, and then...I found some wood that Johnny had reclaimed from some big crates or something. It was perfect so I used some 1 X 4's for the bottom and then used the new found wood for the rest.

I finally used two sets of the hairpin legs that my son made for me, I've been hoarding them!

Look at the old pulls that Johnny had in his stash, thank goodness he didn't throw them out. They came complete with chippy white paint.

I love the original numbers that were stenciled on the wood.

I added hinges to the bottom of the doors.

I stenciled on the front of the crates.

The recipient of these beauties is the person that bought our house and property which we called Old Mill Farm, because we had a hobby farm on the spot that once was an old mill.
The Pelican Ice Co. was a sister business to the mill, and when we bought the property there were some papers in the little building that was used as an office, we are assuming for both businesses.

What do you think? Would you use these in your bedroom?

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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

A Tiny Laundry Room Update and What Has Johnny Been Doing?

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Some people have been asking what Johnny has been up to.
He's moving from one project to another and always organizing in between.
He tackled this little closet. He tore out the wall that was built inside the exterior cement wall, and then rebuilt the stud wall and insulated.

Then he nervously moved the light fixture and removed an old heater that was not required anymore.
He made me stay there to witness his death...he survived.

He installed 3 doors, the two on the left, and one on the closet.

Here is the closet, already in use. He even painted the window because he couldn't stand it the way it was. It will be changed next summer.

When that was all done, the walls looked so bad beside the freshly painted doors that he ended up painting two walls, you have no idea what a big deal that is, he never paints walls....ever!

When this project was done he worked some more on building the perimeter wall in the other room. 

                      So that is some of what Johnny has been keeping busy with.


So, moving on, I forgot to tell you about the shelves I put up in the laundry room. I used an old plain bifold door panel. I cut it down to 8" wide, then cut 2' off the end to use for the small shelf, and used the big piece for the other shelf. 

I also made some shelf supports, stained everything with Java Gel Stain and attached them to the walls.


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Thursday, 11 February 2021

Laundry Room, Final Edition

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It’s been a long time coming but finally the laundry room is done, well, my part anyway. The electrical needs to be finished and the ceiling needs to be done.
This is what I’ve done since my last post. 
I painted the little corner cupboard, I ran out of paint so I took three colours I had and mixed them together, I came pretty close.

Then I made Johnny’s little divider wall into a cupboard to hide more of the drain pipes. Can you see it?

Can you see it now?

These were the three colours I used to mix the paint. Baby blue, Greek blue and yellow. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose.

We decided to put up a shelf that we saved from the stone house. 

I made a little cabinet to fill the space between the machines, with a matching countertop.

Time to decorate! A friend gave me this great window years ago, I finally get to use it.

Finally displaying some of my enamelware.

And some more. I have a little more, but it is a small room.

My Gram with some of us kids, I was the baby here.

A couple of old Javex bottles are the only “laundry” type decor. I used to have a couple of washboards but I sold them.

 A few quilts in the corner cupboard.

Thanks for hanging out with me during this laundry room renovation. It looks nothing like I had planned when I started but I’m flexible and use what comes to me. The spray foam insulation, wiring and plumbing are the only things we purchased for this room.
Oh and next summer we will be changing windows in the whole basement. I’ll trim it out at that time. Right now it’s an eyesore!
I hope this post doesn’t go wonky, I created the whole thing with my phone!

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Thursday, 4 February 2021

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Laundry Room Part 3, For Sure This Time

I got a little carried away working on the red cabinet that I showed you in my last post. That was a lot of fun, but since then I have been slowly working on the last wall, and cabinets and countertop for the laundry room.

I painted the shiplap and tacked it in place, temporarily.

I started by putting together 3 old wall cabinets and building a base for them to make them a little bit taller, so the counter would end up at a comfortable height. I used wall cabinets because I don't need deep cabinets for storage and I didn't want them crowding the room.

I painted all the cabinets the same colour as the cabinets I put up over the washer and dryer.

Time to start the countertop. I used some bundles of short flooring pieces that were left in the basement when we moved in. I knew I would find a good use for them.

Ready for stain.

I had to take down all the shiplap so the insulation could be installed. Our son used a spray foam kit, but it didn't go far enough so Johnny filled in the wall cavity with some insulation he had taken out of another space and saved it because it was too good to throw out.

Finally I was able to permanently install the shiplap, and Johnny filled in the bottom with some sheeting we had leftover from another project. Probably the floors in our house, if so, it means we have been hanging on to it for 27 years, I don't know, maybe.

I began work on the little shelf unit that will fill the space at the end of the cabinets.

I looks crappy now, but it will all work out.

So here it is all together. Another step done!

Thanks for reading!

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