Sunday, 30 September 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green, But It's Sure Easier Than Being White and Gold, Lamp Makeover

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I'm not sure where this lamp came from.  It was in the little house, and I know that I didn't put it there, 'cause I think it is U G L Y!!!

I think it made its way to me because it didn't want to be ugly anymore.  Well, that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

Oh, I almost forgot to take a picture of the shade, here it is, in all its glory.  This is not really a fair picture because I was already cutting the plastic (yes, plastic) shade off when I remembered to take it.

Ta Da!  Here she is, I have to say, I think I'm in love!

I took it apart and washed it.  When it was dry put it back together and spray painted it.  I painted the frame of the shade also as I wanted the green to show.

I wrapped the frame of the shade around and around with a roll of tulle that we had left over from Jasmin's wedding, scrunching it a little as I went.  I added two flowers that I had made last year when I decorated another lampshade.  I think it adds a nice touch.

Okay, I have to admit something, this lamp isn't really in working order yet.  I took it apart the other day because I needed the harp for Sterling's lamp, and I ended up using the cord and plug too.  So now I need to find another old lamp so I can salvage the harp and cord from it to use on this one.  If any of you locals have an old lamp you are planning to throw out, please send it my way.  Obviously I had no intention of doing anything with this lamp a couple of days ago, but there it was, all in pieces, looking so pathetic (insert heavy sigh here), I just couldn't help myself ;)
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Friday, 28 September 2012

70's Sewing Cabinet Makeover

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A while ago I was looking for an ugly old piece of 70's furniture to make over.  I came across this sewing cabinet and even though it wasn't really what I was looking for I decided it would do.

Just look at the beauty of it, NOT!

I painted the drawers with Blossom White.

First I sprayed on a light coat of Dual, by Krylon.  I only had enough for one light coat so I moved on to Rust-oleum, Blossom white in Satin 

 I gave the whole cabinet a light sanding in order to wear off some of the edges.

It wasn't as distressed as I wanted it to be, so I decided to go one step further.

I think this may be a little more antiqued than I was expecting, but....

in for a penny, in for a pound!

 I think when I get a new top put on it, it will be just fine.

Now for the top, I found a piece of laminated pine shelving.  All I had to do was cut 2 pieces to length with the circular saw, 

and the rip 3 inches off one of the pieces with the table saw.

Then I glued the 2 pieces together to make up the width that I needed. 

I clamped the 2 pieces together, cleaned up the glue, and left it to dry.

A little trial fit to make sure it is the size I want.

I gave it a good sanding, then 2 coats of primer, then a coat of "cabinet and trim" paint.  I used the following picture as inspiration.  Check out this site, gorgeous!  

I have never been to France, but I have been to Morocco, so I used street names and attractions, and made up my own.

I sanded it so it looked worn, and not crisp.

I antiqued it with ebony stain.

Popped it onto the cabinet for a photo op.

 Soon I will paint the inside, add a shelf, and attach the top to the base, but for now, there it sits, 98% done ;)

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Lighting Up My Life! A Reclaimed Wood Lamp, or two.

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The other day my son asked me if I had an extra lamp around, "you know, something ... decent" ha ha, I thought about it and realized that all of my lamps are "girly".  Of course the first thing I thought was "I will make him one.".  I seem to be really into the salvaged lumber right now, so this is what I did.  I cut four pieces of lumber to length, 2 2 X 6 and 2 1X6, then I cut a piece of 1X6 to fill the space in the top.  I simply screwed the pieces together, not trying to hide the fact.  It is supposed to be rough after all.

I drilled a large hole in the top to allow the threaded pipe to fit through.  I also drilled a hole in the back of the base, near the bottom, for the cord.

I cut a short piece of threaded pipe and put the wire through it, adding a nut and washer to the pipe.  I gave it a very light sanding as I didn't want to sand off all that beautiful gray exterior.

 I attached the two wires to the socket according to the instructions on the package.

Before I went any further I tested the fixture to make sure it would work.  Yay, success!!!

I put the threaded pipe up through the hole in the top of the base,

and screwed it to the bottom of the socket,

tightening it from the bottom.  To be honest, I got to this point and realized that I hadn't put the harp (to hold the lamp shade) on, and I had to undo everything and redo it once the harp was in place.  Lesson learned.

This was the shade I was planning to use... yeah, I agree, yuck!  It looks funny perched up there.

So I went looking in my stash and found this one... I think it will work, but anybody see a problem?  Yeah, pink trim is not going to cut it.

Yes, black, that looks better, I just hot glued black trim right over the pink.  Now there are so many ways I could snazz this up a bit, but then that wasn't the point was it?

 Because I was set on using this rectangular shade, I made another one, like it?  I like the shade on this base much better.  I may add some crystals or beads or something to this eventually, but for now this is it.

And that girls and boys is what I do on a Friday afternoon when I don't need to go to work.

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