Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Always biting off more than I can chew! Part II

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 OK, here is another of the before pics,

and here is the interim pic

and another.

A pic of the side yard, or bush, I guess I should say.

Here is the same view after Manuel spent about a half an hour pulling, yes pulling out evergreens.  And I picked up the garbage and carried away his brush.  Doesn't it look awesome!

A before pic of the view from the front door.

The new view, but a little off to the side.  I take so many before pics and then don't get quite the same shot the second time around.

Regardless of the angle, I think you can see the important changes.

Hey, wait a minute, I thought we had this part all cleaned up!  Manuel did some tree cutting (there were a few trees interfering with the hydro lines, plus a big dead balsam), and messed up the front lawn.

 We hauled 4 truckloads (and I mean heaping truckloads) of brush to the back and burned them up.  There, that's better.

This is what it looked like beside the shop when we started.  There's a dog pen there,

and some junk to haul away.

First Manuel decided to free up the hydro line to the cabin, look, you can see the cabin!  You will have to take my word for it that all you could see was bush before.  This pic was taken on day 2 of clean up of this area.  Manuel previously took down the part of the dog pen that was on our property and we did some clean up.

I talked to the neighbour and got permission to clean up the part that was on her property.  (Trying not to step on any toes, we are not used to having neighbours.)  The property line is somewhere between the post in the middle of the pic, and that chunk of fence we left last time.

Ready, set, go!

The transformation!

Not done of course, will do some clean up further back now that we have freed up the front.

Now to the backyard.  The plan is to take down the big jackpine of the left, but save the pines behind it, along with the apple tree in the middle.

Whoops!  Things don't always go as planned.  Missed the pines, but totally trashed the apple tree, darn!  Johnny was using a pike pole to push it in the other direction and I took over the cutting of the tree, but that tree was determined to fall the wrong way.  At least I couldn't be blamed for not pushing hard enough :)

We decided to leave the poor sad looking apple tree and see how it grows back.  We can always cut it out later.  I got most of the brush burned up, but just totally ran out of steam and called it a day.  There's always tomorrow, right?
Aside from some of the garbage that we moved previously, most of the work shown on Part II of the blog was done in 2 short days, the first day Johnny got called to work and we couldn't get done what we had planned, and yesterday he had other things to do and when he accomplished what he had set out to do, left me there burning brush for a couple more hours.  See what I mean when I say he's a "machine"!

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  1. When can I move in? Sue A

  2. :) Just wait until you see what I have planned for the inside Sue.

  3. O Lordy! you two put everyone I know to shame!! K10


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