Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Small Hutch Makeover

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This is another piece that I have had for many years, Johnny brought it home for me.  He obviously used to support my addiction to old furniture, not anymore!  
I decided it is finally time for me to do something with it.

I always knew there should have been legs on this, there is a strange bracket on the bottom.  We had to set it on a couple of foam puzzle pieces otherwise the bolts would have dug into the floor.  I saw a similar piece on Kijiji last winter and it had 60's type legs on it.

I had to pop the top off of the cabinet to remove the glass doors.
I originally was going to paint this black, but instead decided to go with gray.  I used wall paint that I bought to paint the livingroom, that project is still waiting. 

I adhered fabric to the back of the hutch with Mod Podge.  I also coated the fabric with Mod Podge.   

I put a coat of varathane on the hutch so that the stain wouldn't soak into the paint.  I antiqued the whole piece, including the fabric, with ebony stain.  The bottom to panels of fabric took the stain okay, but the top soaked up the stain in a couple of spots. 

I was just going to replace the top panel, but then decided to tear out all three and put new pieces in, I like it better clean white.

  I sprayed the hardware white. 

I added legs to the bottom, the type I had seen on the other cabinet I was telling you about.

Here it is set up with a few props. 


After all these years, it has finally been MacGIRLverized!

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  1. You filled that wall again pretty fast. Ooo that bowl looks great there.

  2. Yeah, worked on it all day today. Time for something different now, maybe some burning or something :)

  3. I just noticed that the bowl pulls out the colour of Dan's tie.


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