Sunday, 19 May 2013

The House That Budd Built; Part II; Construction

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We couldn't get rid of the old house completely in the beginning because we had to protect the electricity.  So the new build began.  Garage first, men's priorities can be  little different than women's.

But the rest soon followed, and the old house is completely gone!

Yup, I'm pretty sure we are going to have one of these pics in all builds that we do.

I think he may be related to Spiderman, probably on my side of the family, ha ha.

This is hard work, but we have made memories that will not soon be forgotten.

The days got shorter and shorter.  One evening a man that lives down the road stopped and gave us some lights to use because he couldn't stand seeing us working in the dark.  You gotta love small towns!

And a friend that we went to school with saw us roofing and brought his nail gun and compressor and lent a helping hand for a couple of days. People can be great eh?

Tear down began in October and we put the roof on in November, not bad for weekend warriors!  A day or two after we got the shingles finished, the snow came, and stayed.  God blessed us with a very warm and late Fall!  We were so lucky!
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