Sunday, 9 February 2014

Personal Challenge, Three Pieces of Furniture in 10 Days; Piece #3; Entrance Bench Makeover: I did it!!!

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I have challenged myself to makeover 3 pieces of furniture in 10 days.  Husband left on a holiday, youngest son left a couple of days later to meet up with him and older brothers, daughter lives out of town, this left me home alone.  Heaven!  Now let it be known, I love my family and  I don't want to live alone forever, but a week sounds great!

This is the first piece I tackled, but the last of the three that I finished. This is a fairly new piece for me, I've only had it since August, it kind of butted in line because of it's size.  I need it out of my way. In the above pic you see the top, and the next picture is the bottom.  I had done some filling earlier and it required sanding before I could prime.

I started by priming it with Zinser 123.  I actually liked this look.

I don't know what is going on with me lately, but I'm having such a hard time deciding what colour to paint things.  I was trying to choose between gray and white, and the next day started painting it turquoise, who knew?

After a couple of coats I antiqued it with black.  Once that dried I had to decide on a fabric for the seat. Decisions, decisions...
The mirror was broken, so I repaired that. I reupholstered the seat after taking several hours to decide on a fabric (seriously, it took me so long that I actually did another project in the meantime) and put it all back together.

 I guess it was worth all that indecision because I think I got it right. I love it, now I wonder why I doubted myself along the way.

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  1. The last one is the best! Wow, awesome!

  2. of course you have to challenge yourself! nobody else can keep up with you. Lovely work Faye, KristenB

  3. Oh Faye - I LOVE this piece!! Are you going to sell it? It would definitely be on my wish list for our new house - though I don't know if it's a realistic wish list!; )

    1. Yes it will be for sale Heidi, wish lists don't need to be realistic, that's why they are wishes and not needs :)


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