Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Modern Magnificence, A Beautiful Dresser Makeover

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I bought this dresser at a yard sale, the finish was bad, but it was still good and sturdy.

I sanded the top because the finish was very worn.  I lean toward curves and scrolls etc, but I have to admit sanding something flat is so easy!  The top looked so good that I decided to sand the front.  Then the front looked so good I decided to go ahead and sand the whole thing.
At this point I was still planning to use some bright coloured paint somewhere on this thing.

I stained the top and front and was going to paint the rest, but I just couldn't commit to a colour.

I decided to move on to choosing hardware since I couldn't decide on a colour. 
 So... go modern?

Old school?

Add a little bling? (Always a good choice.)

And the winner is...

I love these little guys!

Now the problem with choosing the modern hardware is that I needed to cover the little holes left by the old hardware.  I had a few ideas but settled on this one, numbers.  At this point I was planning to paint the rest of the dresser white to match the numbers.  I asked my friend Laura what she thought and she suggested leaving the trim natural.  After much thought I decided to stain the sides and leave the rest natural.  It was a "natural" choice for this one, and I believe it was the right choice.

I know I probably say this every time, but I really LOVE this one!

I know this deserves some gorgeous background and beautiful staging, but my workshop is on the second story of my little building and I just can't wrestle my furniture around by myself (well, not once the finish is so pretty at least), and I can never wait to get them posted, so please try to ignore the mess and just feast your eyes on the beauty of the piece. :)

I think I will take wheels off of it, but for now it was so nice to easily be able to wheel it around to work on it, that I think I will leave them on for now.

Big news here, in less than 2 weeks My husband, daughter, son-in-law, and I are heading to Croatia.  Croatia is my husbands homeland and he has never been back since he came to Canada as an orphan in 1972.  When we get home from there I am taking a year off work, possibly leading to retirement.  We have starting gutting a stone house that we own, and are planning on redoing the whole house.  Life is going to be getting busier than ever!

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