Thursday, 6 November 2014

Army Trunk Makeover; Camo!

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This summer I went to look at a coffee table that someone was selling and a friend thought I would want.  That table was not something that appealed to me, but while there I saw this army trunk, and thought I could do something with it.  As you can see somebody had previously made it over :)

As lovely as their artwork was, I removed it.

This did require quite a bit of sanding.

I taped off the hardware because I liked the patina on them.  I thought about painting them black but decided to keep the original.

My son came up with a technique to do camouflage that I absolutely love.  Soon I will show you pictures of a vehicle that he painted, amazing!  I have prepared a dresser that I want him to paint and once that's done I will blog about both.  In the meantime I tried to figure out his process and this is how my first attempt came out.  I'm showing you mine first so you can't compare it to his and find mine lacking :)


I left the inside as it was because I thought it looked great.

It looks like it was manufactured in 1963, a good year, one of my beautiful sisters, Lesley, was born that year, she made me a big sister, until that time I was only a little sister.  I remember the day she came home, I was only 3 so you know that was a big deal if I still remember it.

I'm probably not finished with this as I'm thinking about building a stand for it.  Perfect for a toy box, or a coffee table in a man cave.

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  1. Hey your fav SIL was born that year too...xoxox Nice Job!!!


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