Thursday, 22 March 2018

Past Stained Glass and Mosaics

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Looking back over my blog I realize that I didn't post most of my stained glass and mosaic projects. Here are some of my past projects.
It's always scary to cover your projects with black grout.

 It's always worth it in the end.
I made this one for Jordy, in Chinese culture girl/boy twins are called Phoenix and Dragon. I made this stepping stone for my little dragon.

I made this stepping stone for my sweet Mom. She loves colour.

Johnny wanted an Arizona flag.

I made this stepping stone for my little Phoenix, Mila.

This is the beginning of my first glass on glass project.

Here it is finished, but before framing. I really love this one. It's hard for me to pick favourites, but this on is right up there.

Then, there's my bowling ball, can you guess what's under that gray grout?

I bet you weren't expecting a vine of roses.

 This was my big project last year, I've seen this hanging in the stained glass store since I started and I finally tackled it. I am so proud of this one.

This was one of my first projects.

 I made a cross for my Mom the first year (oops, no picture), then I made this one for me out of scrap glass.

I asked my son if I could make him something out of stained glass. He wanted a deer, but not just any deer, he wanted his own deer. He had to tell me the difference because they all look the same to me. Apparently each set of antlers is unique. I found a picture on the internet and switched out the antlers for his antlers, then  added mountains and a meadow because he lives in BC. He tells me this is his favourite piece I've done, that makes me happy. I think I eventually patinaed this black, and I definitely framed it.

So there you have most of my glass projects,I hope you enjoyed them, Oops I almost forgot, I have done 5 of these. This is a family emblem.

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  1. Your talent just amazes me. God has given you a gift. Please continue sharing 💞


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