Saturday, 14 July 2018

Bold and Beautiful Antique Chair Makeover

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Sometimes it takes some imagination and a lot of faith to see the beauty in a piece of furniture.

I remember this chair (and sofa) when it was in better condition, but it still took some vision to believe it could be beautiful again, or should I say to believe that I could make it beautiful again.

 I reupholstered the matching sofa several years ago, but it was such a big job that I put off reupholstering this piece. I guess I had to forget just how much work it was. It took many hours to get it looking like this! So many staples!!!

I sanded and painted the wood.

A work in progress.

Wow it felt good to get to this point..

I had to wait until I could get to the city to buy the braid to finish it off.

I love, love, love this chair and can't wait to have it placed in our 3 season room with the sofa.

 Look at how the detail of the wood carving stands out now. 

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