Monday, 11 June 2012

Resting on my laurels Part V - wicker chair

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Many years ago my friend Susan had a garage sale.  The first thing I saw when I pulled up were 2 old wicker chairs in very, very bad shape.  I bought them for $1 each.  When I told her I would take them she laughed and said "I was going to throw them to the dump but I said to myself, 'Faye will buy these'!"  I'm sorry that I don't have a "true" before pic because I have redone one of them, the worst one, but I have a pic of the better one, that I have not yet redone.  Confusing enough for you?  I still have one in my shack in storage, but the one I redid looked so much worse.  On the one that is waiting for my attention the front, bottom, is patched to hold the wicker in place.  The one I redid had the front torn away and I had to track down a roll of wicker and weave a new one before putting it in place.  I still have the remainder of that roll somewhere, I hope it's not too brittle because I will probably have to do the same on the remaining one to get rid of those patches.  We shall see.



It now sits proudly in my closed in patio, aside the chairs from my Gram that are in original condition (one orange, and one green), except for recovering the seat cushions to match this one.  Oh why don't I just show you?

Aren't they cute together?  I feel like I should freshen up Gram's chairs with a new coat of paint but Johnny thinks I should leave them, once again, we shall see.  I think when I redo the other "Susan" chair someday it will be the aqua colour from the seat fabric.
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  1. 30 years later I can still hear the creak and stretch of the wicker as I dropped into Grams chairs out on verandah.


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