Sunday, 10 June 2012

Resting on my laurels, Part IV; bedside table/ end table fabulous

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I've been busy for a couple of days, I have to remind myself that I've taken on this new venture.  I took Friday off work and went to pick up siding for Buddy at Menards.  Ahhh, a trip to Menards all by myself, where I could look at whatever I wanted, for as long as I wanted!  I could easily go back today and look again!  It's never enough, just gets the creative juices flowing..  In fact, when I got back my husband was telling me that he and the boys were discussing how much I would be enjoying myself, walking around the store looking at everything.  If you live in the city or near a good shopping area you just can't understand.  when you live isolated (it was a 3 hour drive just to get to Menards) like I do you really appreciate shopping and seeing the selection available.

Yesterday we started putting the siding up on Buddy's house, I wish it was as easy as it sounds, but because we kept the cement basement, we are working around someone else's handy work (someone not as precise as we are), we will be so glad when that part is over with once and for all.  Yesterday was 90% prep work and 10% siding, but it does look great, I love progress.

Anyway, on to more creative things, hmmm, what will I share today, have to take a few minutes and look at pictures to see what else I have here, I will be right back.

Okay so this is what I have found, 2 bedside/end tables.  Please excuse the picture quality, I was not blogging at the time, just taking pics for myself and my Facebook friends.  Suffice it to say these were ugly when I got them. There are 2 of them, they were painted dark brown and had ugly little drawer pulls. My daughter graciously picked these up from Kijiji for me.  I have no access to Kijiji without her.  She lives in the city and I live in a small town where I need to rely on garage sales and the kindness of good friends to get my "junk".  Having said that, I have done quite well relying on friends in the past, sometimes people just call me up and let me know that have something to give away or sell.  I love when that happens!


This was a quick fix.  I sprayed them silver and changed up the hardware,  I love the new hardware!  Although I used 2 different knobs I will probably be changing them when I get around to it because I have new plans for the bigger knobs.


Which leads me to the next project... 

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  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about loving Menards and going to a "city" for shopping! I don't even like shopping, but going to I-Falls feels like a big adventure. :)

    Also, I love, Love, LOVE that silver buffet/side table you wallpapered. You are so ridiculously creative! I should have you over to decorate my house. Maybe I could cook for you in exchange? :) Hee hee....


  2. Thanks Andrea, I haven't even seen your house yet! My head spins for days after some retail therapy, I keep thinking, "oh, I should have looked for ..." When will I learn to make lists?


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