Saturday, 31 August 2013

Reclaimed Wood Dresser Makeover, Rescuing Furniture One Piece At a Time.

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Wow, it's been such a crazy, busy summer I just realized that I neglected to share this next project with you.  My friend and co-worker Jeanet gave me an ugly dresser, she warned me before she brought it to me that it was ugly, and she wasn't kidding.  I find that I am ever the optimist, as soon as someone tells me about a piece of furniture I always think it is going to be better looking than it actually is.  I prepared myself for this one and it was still worse than I anticipated.  Oh well, sometimes ugly works, first of all you know it can't get worse, and secondly you can always just knock it to pieces and throw it in the fire if it doesn't work out.  This particular piece was slated for the dump when I rescued it.  To Jeanet's credit she did not buy this ugly mess, previous owners left it behind and she inherited it.

The outside is a lovely green melamine, oh, and it had wonderful plastic drawer pulls that I removed before remembering to take the glamour shot.

 I knew the only hope for this dresser was to cover the ugliness, originally I was going to cover it with Asian inspired fabric but decided to go with something not so gender specific.
I covered the top with reclaimed wood and love the result, next I covered the sides with thin tongue and groove pine which I painted gray with a distressed look.  I then covered the drawers with plaid fabric, which I love, but let me tell you plaid was not the easiest fabric to work with.  Lining up all the lines was a lot of work!  Finally I finished it off with some beautiful drawer pulls.

This shot does not really do this piece justice, but even in this photo I think you can see that this dresser went from ugly to fabulous!  What I like most about this piece is that it appealed to such a large audience, from seniors to young, men, and women alike.

I hope you all like it as much as I do!

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  1. Glamour It's awesome now!

    1. You're adoring friend, Cathy;0)

  2. You are right, that was the ugliest dresser I think I have seen. It looks amazing now!! And one giant save from a landfill. Great work!

  3. Look at that! I love the plaid. I was thinking red and green.... ick.


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