Sunday, 20 July 2014

Antique Door Made Into a Bench

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I started this project with this old door.  My original thought was to make a tall hall tree type bench.   I removed the window and the hardware and sanded it down.

After letting it sit, painted turquoise, for a couple of weeks, I changed my plan and cut it into pieces.  At this point I pretty much had a pile of old lumber because most of it fell apart.  I guess after this I forgot to take pictures for a while.  Basically I reglued and reorganized all of the pieces and added a piece of plywood where the window was, and this is what I had.  I added the support for the seat.

At this point the character of the old door was hard to see so I added some of my own.

Once I painted the new additions it became obvious again that this started out as an old door. I left the original paint on the end pieces because I like the look of the chippy paint.

I almost didn't antique this piece, and once I did, I couldn't believe I had thought about not doing it.  It brought out so much character!  I only antiqued the turqoise part, I left the old finish alone.  After antiquing, I coated the whole thing with polyurethane to protect the finishes, old and new.  
Choosing the fabric is always fun, I have been wanting to use this fabric for a while and I love the way it looks on this bench.

Here is a closer look at the end piece, I love how it turned out.

Happy, happy, happy!

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