Saturday, 19 July 2014

Little Red Riding Hood, Oh Wait, That's Already Been Done, How about Little Red Bench

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 Wow, benches are just as popular this year as they were last year.  I will do my best to keep this trend going :)

This one started with a piece of a headboard that a friend gave me.  It was a little wide so I cut a little off the sides. I gave it a good sanding, added some back legs from a chair, and some embellishments, then I went to the scrap pile cherished salvaged wood stash for the rest of it.

I struggled over this one a little bit, first I was going to paint it white and add some subway style text, but I felt like it needed to be brightened up a bit.  Do you think this is bright enough?

I primed it and then painted a couple of coats of "Red letter day".  Then I antiqued it with ebony stain.  Next step is a coat of polyurethane.

For me it's just not done until it has a nice comfy foam seat cushion on it, with some gorgeous fabric of course.  I felt like the print was offset just a little so I took it off and redid it, but I didn't take another picture.

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