Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Antique Desk (Library Table) Makeover

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I'm in love with today's project.  My friend Laura gave me this antique desk because she needed to purge some pieces and she didn't think she would get around to this one.  Thank you Laura, you are awesome!  This piece was definitely in bad shape. 
 So I was looking for something that I can make into a bathroom vanity.  I was wondering if this is it.  Hmmm, can't decide, I think it will be gorgeous, but I'm not sure how it is going to clean up, then would I change the top, it's in such bad shape anyway, or would I just layer a piece of plexi or glass on top.  But it's too deep, so I will have to cut some off the back and move the legs forward.  I decided to sand it down and see how it goes and decide later.
  The top was very wavy.  The whole desk had been painted or stained with red, which was sort of flaking off, it was a mess.  But can you see the potential?
 I broke out my trusty sander,
 and sanded it down to bare wood, exposing a beautiful grain.  See those pieces of wood laying on the ground behind the desk?  That is the top.
 I broke apart all of the boards because they were almost completely separated anyway.There were 2 spots where the glue just wouldn't let go, so the wood tore a bit.  I cleaned out the joints and glued them back together.
I also glued some of the desk back together.  I'm not sure what all this desk has endured over the years, but she was not treated well.  I stained the whole thing with Ebony stain.
 Are you ready to see what she looks like now?  Ta daaa! 
 Isn't it gorgeous?  Look at the wood grain!  
 Can you tell how much I love this one?  It still has some scars on the top, but this is not a new piece of furniture, it has been around for a long time.  Who knows what it has been through, it has character.
 She's all dressed up and ready to be loved again for a long long time.
I don't think I can cut this up, although I think it would make an awesome vanity if I added a board in front of the board at the bottom to hold baskets.  And maybe put drawers on each side of the drawer where the shelves are, you see where my mind goes, I can see it, but then it's so pretty right now.  Yeah, I think I will have to keep looking for a vanity.
I believe I have another desk similar to this one, it is in pieces, and I haven't attempted it yet, but I think I'm ready, but I have a feeling it won't be a vanity either.

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