Monday, 4 August 2014

Rusty Antique Wire Bed Frame Made Into a Bench

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Why oh why do I forget to take before pictures?  Not that there was much to this to begin with.  When I bought the log house from my brother this footboard (I still have the headboard) was in the bush in all of it's wonderful rusty beauty!  Johnny tried to throw it to the dump but I hid it away one day when he wasn't there.  Ha ha, he was pretty upset with me because I'm a "hoarder", no I'm not a hoarder, I am a junker, big difference!  Anyway, I figured out a way to attached the seat part to the footboard.  After that I used some old chair legs and some 2 X 4's to create this bench. 

I dry brushed the footboard to bring out the details, but left the rustic look of it.
I had no idea what I was going to use for fabric when I remembered that I had this piece.  The two just seem to make a wonderful marriage!  I love the modern bold print with the antique look of the bench.

It's a happy little piece isn't it?

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