Monday, 19 November 2012

Now to Show You my Crusty Side; How to make pie crust

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I take no credit for this recipe, I just make it the way my Mom taught me to. 

Pie Crust Recipe

5 cups all purpose flour
1 lb lard
1 tsp salt
1 cup very cold water

Mix flour with salt, cut in lard until evenly distributed and dough starts to form into a lump.  Add water and gently form into ball.

I gotta tell you I took a lot of flack from Manuel for taking pictures as I was making this, but he doesn't even know I have a blog, so he just didn't get it.  I told him I take a lot of pictures of him chopping wood, so why can't I take pictures of me baking :)


 Yes this is how I keep my flour, a five gallon pail, what can I say, it holds a 20 lb/10 kg bag just right.  I know, there I go being fancy again, lol.  Robin Hood is my flour of choice, but I have been known to use other kinds (when I need it, and Robin Hood is not on sale.)

I generally use Tenderflake lard, but have recently used Crisco with fine results.

No, I'm not left handed, but I couldn't take a picture with my left, so I just faked it (shhh, don't tell anybody).

Okay, there we go.

I remember reading that you should cut the lard into the flour/salt mixture until it is formed into pea sized lumps.  However, I have found that if you keep cutting in the lard until it seems like it is about to come together into a lump, and then add your cold water, the crust comes out nice a short (tender).  Once you add the water you want to be very gentle with your dough and work it as little as possible.

Once you have formed your dough into one lump, let it rest for about 20 minutes.  (honestly sometimes I do this and sometimes I don't)

I usually divide this into 6 pieces, ready to roll out for pie crust, however, if I am making a large chicken pot pie (9X15 cake pan) I use 2 of the pieces, or 1/3 of this recipe.  It will make a nice thick crust.  If I cut off edges, I usually just bake them to be eaten with jam, rather than re-mold them into more crust.

Happy Baking!!!
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  1. I use the recipe on the lard box, might have to try this one. I WILL try letting it rest for 20 min. My mom always baked the leftovers sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar, nostalgia!

    1. Mmmm cinnamon and sugar sounds good too Susan, will have to try that next time, do you do it too?

  2. The most important ingredient in any recipe is love, and yours comes through loud and clear. No use messing with perfection, these recipes sound perfect to me!!


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