Tuesday, 18 December 2012

How to Make a Christmas Wreath, Cedar

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Last week Johnny gathered some Cedar boughs for me while he was out trimming up one of his many snowmobile trails.  He was going to get me some Spruce and Balsam branches to, but never got around to it. Luckily he got me a pretty good pile of Cedar and I was able to make this rather large wreath.

I snipped the branches to 12 - 16 inches.  I gathered several bundle together, making little bouquets.  The wire wreath form is 14".

I had my usual company in the garage that night (Zima), 

but also had extra company, Sterling.  Really, I guess you could say that he had my company, since he regularly spends his evenings in there, and I don't.

I used baler twine to wrap the branch bouquets to the wire frame, because we have tonnes of this stuff, if you need some, give me a call.  For my local readers, you can purchase the wire wreath form at Cheers! just tell Lesley I sent you ;)

 When you get to the last bundle, just lift the ends of the first bundle and tuck the final bundle under it, wrap it, and tie it down.  I tied a little loop at the back, which you may or may not need depending on your wreath hanger.  It looks pretty big and wild right now, so I will trim it to get it a little more into control.

This is what the back looks like when you are done.  It looks like I used 9 to 10 bundles, if you used shorter bundles you would probably need more.

Here it is, trimmed up.

 I looked through my many ornaments but couldn't find anything suitable to finish this wreath, so I picked up a few ornaments while I was in Duluth this weekend.  I simply folded wire pieces in half like a floral pick and twisted the around the branches where I found it appealing.  I made and attached the bow, and voila, a Christmas wreath.

I may be making another one with mixed evergreen branches, if I do, I will add a pic to this post.Pin It

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