Sunday, 2 December 2012

Resting on My Laurels; Part VI

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Wow, the project I am sharing today is 13 years old, yikes, it's a teenager already.  Back then I was really into Folk Art painting and the blue, red, yellow colour combination.  This piece belonged to my husband when we got married.  First I used it to hold my knitting machine, later I padded the top with thin foam and covered it with infant styled plastic and used it as a change table.  It was great, held everything I  needed.  One day I was looking through a reproduction Eaton's catalogue and realized that it was an old buffet with the mirror missing. From the pictures in the catalogue I am assuming that this was made some time around 1900, I built the top in 1999, almost a hundred years later.

I was lucky enough to be taking a woodworking class at our local high school at the time.  We  brought in any project we wanted and if we needed help the teacher was there to assist.  I planned out what I thought it should look like and went to town.

I assembled the back to hold the mirror and made a shelf.  My neighbour took it upon herself to find me a mirror, we went to Winnipeg to shop and while we were there she took me to the Restore and we found a mirror.  I had never been to the restore before, I love it there.  

I had never used a lathe, but the teacher showed me how and away I went. I sort of planned the spindle as I went, and then copied what I had done for the second one, they actually match!  Unfortunately, I have never done another :( See the little bird in the cage?

After I assembled the mirror unit, I thought it begged to be painted with an angel, the shape just called for it, so that's what I did.  

I wanted to cover every inch with folk art, and I think I came pretty close.

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  1. Girl, that is one fantastic piece! Beautiful, gorgeous, unique, and so wonderfully designed and done. I love it. That is a piece that will be a family heirloom for sure, and 100 years from now, it will be gracing the home of one of your descendants, in a place of honor! (assuming you are not still using it, of course, which I hope you are!(

  2. That many years in the making but it sure has lived a good life along the way. Very pretty Faye - Sarah S.


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