Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

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Like many of you I have some New Years Resolutions, some that I have already broken and it's only noon!  Oh well, I have 364 more days right?

 Here are a few things that I am going to act on immediately:

  • Build and promote my Macgirlver Facebook page;  This has been on my mind for a while, a couple of weeks ago I got the page up, but haven't added anything to it.  Yesterday I got my first "like", I guess I better get moving on getting something on there for people to actually look at :)
  • Finish the Youth Desk I made over, and showed you a while ago.  I couldn't bring myself to sand the edges and antique it, but I'm ready now.
  • Change the wheels and add trim to the styrofoam cooler ottoman I can't wait to show you.  You are going to freak, I promise!
  • I am going to have my first "give-away".  I am getting very close (maybe today) to having 10,000 views of my blog, wow, I am blown away!  I love you people!  I know that a lot of blogs reach that number weekly or even daily, but for me, this is huge, and I want to celebrate.  Since a lot of my readers live far away, it is going to be something small, a pair of earrings that I created.  Stay tuned for that.
  • I will be doing a blog series on the house that my family built a couple of years ago, and following that I will do a series on the house my son is currently building.  (It's almost ready for painting)
  • I will be doing a post showcasing my daughter's art, she is AMAZING!
  • I am going to start cutting the tile needed for my son's bathroom floor, riveting reading I know, but this is my life, and for some reason some people want to know :)
So, that is what I have planned for January, so far.  Now that I've put all this out there, I have no choice but to follow through.  I have many other resolutions, you know the normal, eat healthier, get more exercise, be a better person, clean my house more often (groan!), and read my bible on a regular basis {yes Merle, I was listening on Sunday :)}  These I will be accountable for only to myself, my record is not so good, but I will start over as often as I need to.  (It's -22C out there today, not sure how my "skiing every day" resolution is going to go today!) 

I'm wishing you all a Happy New Year, health, happiness, and most of all peace in your soul.  I continue to pray for all the families affected by the Sandy Hook School shooting, I hope that they can somehow grow through this terrible tragedy.  It is still so unbelievable, may God bless you all.

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  1. Can't wait for everything! Even the giveaway, even tho' I don't wear earrings! :) Re to your last bullet point....it's because we all wish we were like you! :) Best wishes and continued success in your endeavors in the New Year, Faye!


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