Tuesday, 1 January 2013

How to Make an Ottoman/End Table From a Styrofoam Cooler

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Let me start this post by saying "I did not make this up"  I found this idea on the internet, credit goes to Imparting Grace for coming up with this great idea.  Go check out her ottoman, such a great idea Richella!  Now, as is usual for me, I changed it a little, I'm sure Richella will understand.  I wanted to be able to access the storage space provided by this project.  I didn't want the styrofoam to show, so I modpodged the inside of the top (black).  In order to clean up the edges I used some fancy schmancy duct tape that I recently picked up, and taped the edges of the lid... 

and the top edge of the box.

I cut a piece of scrap plywood to fit the bottom of the cooler.  I drilled holes through the plywood and into the styrofoam in order to insert these wheels.  When the project was done I felt it was too high off the ground, so I changed them.

I used duct tape around the bottom to secure the plywood to the cooler.

I used "egg crate" foam to pad the top, but just used a layer of quilt batting around the sides, then wrapped it in fabric.  My biggest problem everytime I used fabric is deciding which fabric I can give up.  I am a fabric hoarder, I'm always afraid to used something, because it might be better for the next project!  I finally decided I could part with this one.  I'm positive I have a coordinating fabric to go with this, but I couldn't find it.  Grrr!

I used very long staples and my air stapler to attach the fabric to the styrofoam.  I was impressed at how neat and tidy it was.

I folded the fabric under before stapling.

Here it is before the trim.

Here it is with the trim, and I changed the wheels out for little feet.  I moved them closer to the edge too.

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