Saturday, 14 March 2015

Hooked on Red, Red Hall Tree Made From a Slab Door

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Sometimes, you just need to use what you have.  I was ready for a new project, but honestly, most of my stuff is behind loads of snow, and I really don't feel like doing all that shoveling, when it's going to melt soon anyway.  So I have had to be creative and use what is accessible.  I wanted to make a hall tree and found this slab door in the basement.  Not very exciting, but I think I can make it work.

 I trimmed the edges off thin tongue and groove paneling and glued and nailed it onto the door.
 Somehow I measured wrong and my spacing wasn't quite right, but that was a lucky mistake because it left the perfect amount of room to add a mirror.  Mistake, what mistake, I did that on purpose, ha, this isn't my first build you know, I got this.

I had this mirror in my stash of mirrors, yes I have a stash of mirrors, I have a plan.  In the meantime I will give this one up because it's perfect for this project.  The gold however, is not perfect, but I can take care of that.

After painting, and sanding, and antiquing, and varnishing, and adding a shelf, and a bench and ... poof! Finished project!  Gotta love the magic of a blog, it all comes together so quickly.

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