Sunday, 29 March 2015

Reclaimed Wood Dresser

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So what do you get when you combine this...

and this?

Why, you get this!

"How's that?" you ask.  Well I salvaged rough lumber from the kitchen sub-floor of our stone house.  The guys were throwing them in the dumpster, and I was throwing them back out.  Below is a picture of the dresser that a friend gave me.  Johnny pulled it home on the sleigh from across the lake.  Now do you understand?

I used the salvaged wood to make a new top for the dresser, and to replace the big chunky pieces that were on the front of the dresser.  I wanted to keep the rough look of it.

I bought the new hardware at Hobby Lobby on sale.

I mixed my own chalk paint front leftover paint from my son's room at least ten years ago.

 I seriously need a nice corner in the workshop to take my pictures, the background just doesn't do the pieces justice, and neither does the lighting.

How do you like it?

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