Monday, 30 March 2015

Turquoise Hall Tree

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Hall Trees seem to be popular items, so I thought I would make another one.  

I started with this dismantled sewing stool.  I kind of propped it together for the picture, but it was in pieces. I could have glued it back together, but I didn't think it would be a very popular item anyway. 

I knocked it apart and attached the legs to a plywood box that I made.  For decoration I decided to nail the front of the original stool to the front of the box.  I also had to fix up some missing veneer.

I attached the box to the door, and when I put the shelf on it I realized there was something terribly wrong. Everything was crooked.  I had measured down from the top of the door to where the shelf should be, but it just wasn't right.  After replacing the shelf, I realized that the door had been cut crooked in order to fit a crooked doorway. 

 Oh my, now I know to square up the door before I do anything else. I had to lay the door down and square up the top and the bottom of the door with a circular saw.

I found the perfect mirror, and added coat hooks and old knobs from knob and tube wiring that we 
pulled out of the stone house. 

I also added an old doorknob that I was saving just for this purpose.

  You may have noticed that I added some wood accents to the front. Of course I antiqued the whole thing, and sanded some of the edges.

The cushion is hinged to allow for storage inside.

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  1. Looking good Faye. I love it!!!

  2. Faye, that is one spectacular transformation. Love the color and the style. Thank you for coming over to comment on my primitive chest. I am having a giveaway today if you care to join in.

  3. Faye, You are now entered in the Horror Monster contest. Horror Monster is my stash of craft and vintage supplies which has overtaken several rooms of our house. I did not have an email address so I am letting you know this way. Good Luck! I am a new follower.


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